Creativity is intelligence having Fun,
said Albert Einstein

So how about having some fun while infusing creativity? A series of challenges to keep you excited for mpre. A dose of enthusiasm, imagination and fun while following you passion towards art and creativity. Presenting Creative Challengers.

Creative Challengers is a creativity-based contest conducted for all Arena Multimedia students from across the globe. The creative challenge will encompass six categories to choose from and participate. The categories are:

  • Graphics
  • Sketching
  • Mobile Photography
  • Matte/Digital Painting
  • Design Visualisation
  • 3D Asset


There is an Interaction Wall where all the students can engage with each other.
This wall will be a point of communication regarding event updates.
The wall will help you with the following:

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Inviting all the creative minds to gear up for the
biggest creative showdown!


All Arena Multimedia students as per Aptrack are eligible to participate in the
contest. You could be studying in any Semester; the contest is open to all.
So, feel free to contact your center faculty and register for the contest.


Student Awards

Student participation and performance both will be recognized.
There will be two sets of awards.

Creative Star Award

The jury will decide Top 6 winners from each category

Viewers Choice Award

The Top 3 artworks from each category receiving the maximum voted/likes will win this award.

*Conditions Apply